What is Macular Edema?

The central area of the retina is referred to as the macula.  The macula is responsible for the sharp and direct vision needed for activities such as recognizing fine details, reading, and driving. When there is fluid or swelling of the retinal tissues that make up the macula, or fluid that collects underneath the macula, this is referred to as macular edema.  This condition distorts the shape of the macula which leads to distorted central vision.

Macular edema can be caused by numerous factors including diabetes, macular degeneration, hypertension, and ocular inflammation.

What are the Treatments?

After a thorough examination and  some testing, the doctor can conclude the specific cause of the edema, and this is how the treatment options will be determined.  Treatment may be accomplished by laser therapy, injection of medication, or treatment of the underlying condition causing the edema.